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Webinar: AI call to ACTion


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What start-ups and investors need to know

Proliferation of AI models has literally grown at an exponential rate and will soon permeate all industries and service sectors. Even though we will presumably not reach technological singularity in the near future, law makers are weary of the economic and societal implications of AI. The EU at the forefront has conceived yet another layer of regulation that the industry will have to cope with.

In this webinar we will discuss the regulatory outlook and provide guidance on:

  • The AI Act: Objectives, structure and compliance
  • Implications on AI-businesses for start-ups and investors
  • How to prepare to hit a moving target

Benedikt Flöter (Associated Partner for IP/IT @ YPOG) will introduce you into the latest state of discussion on the AI Act and show challenges to AI-businesses.

The webinar will be held in English. It is open to all YPOG clients, their associates and interested audience. We encourage you to invite your colleagues and business partners who may be interested in this topic.

Recording of the webinar "Commercializing AI":

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