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ML/AI Engineer

Danijel Markovic


Business Professionals
Danijel has been working as a data scientist for six years, beginning in the automotive business and focusing on the development of self-driving vehicle technology. Today, he works in the field of generative artificial intelligence, where he utilises the power of significant language models to greatly increase the efficiency and quality of information retrieval and generation.
Danijel is an ML/AI Engineer at YPOG, where he coordinates the development of generative AI. He is the initial point of contact for anyone interested in the possibilities of generative AI and has ideas on how to incorporate these models into their work.
Danijel is a valued team member who helps to improve creativity, cohesion, and effectiveness. He is curious,
goal-oriented, and adaptable, perceiving difficulties as chances for growth. Danijel encourages teamwork and constructive feedback in order to continuously grow and achieve the best possible outcomes. He believes that open communication and support from one another are essential for producing outstanding team performance.


  • German
  • English
Danijel Markovic

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