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ML/AI Engineer

Mitja Richter


Business Professionals
While working as a full-stack developer in start-ups, Mitja was constantly looking for solutions to difficult problems.
That remained true when he worked as a data scientist on medical applications and large-scale projects. Mitja most recently worked as a data scientist for the French corporation Orange, where he focused on natural language processing and computer vision projects. 
Mitja uses all of his artificial intelligence experience and understanding in the legal sector at YPOG. As an ML/AI engineer, he develops new approaches to better serve clients and automate time-consuming operations. Mitja is the ideal contact for anyone who has ideas about how artificial intelligence might help them in their work or wants to learn more about the possibilities given by AI.
Mitja works on the motto: Be open to new or insane ideas, but critically examine your assumptions. He enjoys being in an environment that fosters curiosity and lifelong learning. Everyone is encouraged to try different approaches to get deeper insights and make new technologies approachable.
For Mitja, this requires close cooperation and open communication.
Mitja Richter

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