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Director Legal Technology

Dr. Olivia Lewis


Business Professionals
Her theoretical knowledge of physics has enabled her to specialise in the study of brain data and neuroscience. As a data scientist and department leader, she has been able to apply and expand her skills working with data science techniques such as machine learning at a variety of companies.
Olivia and her team at YPOG are in charge of implementing and further developing artificial intelligence for process automation and optimisation. In her work as Director Legal Technology, she ensures that this technology is successfully used.
Olivia is a good point of contact for anyone interested in artificial intelligence, automation concepts, or discussing the implementation of a digital law business. 
Olivia is an excellent choice for teamwork and brainstorming in the fields of AI, automation, and process optimisation. She approaches her tasks with ambition and pragmatism, emphasising clear communication, helpfulness, dependability, and trust in her own and her colleagues' abilities.
Dr. Olivia Lewis

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