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ML/AI Engineer

Dr. Pamela Hathway


Business Professionals
Pamela, an ML/AI Engineer, ensures that AI applications are tested and useful while also serving as a communication bridge between different areas at YPOG. She is well-known for her sense of humour and her curiosity. Pamelas broad expertise enable her to work effectively at interfaces across areas, ensuring that everyone is pulling in the same direction.
YPOG has a contact for anyone who wants to learn more about AI and data science, regardless of their level of expertise. She is also the ideal person for people looking to automate their daily tasks.
Pamela always completes her tasks conscientiously, emphasising efficiency and accuracy wherever possible.
Her goal when working with her colleagues is to foster an open environment in which everyone is eager to learn new things, ask questions, and support one another.
Dr. Pamela Hathway

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