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Accounting Specialist

Tanja Pauli


Business Professionals
Her work ethic is expressed in a simple motto: "It's the work we leave undone and put off that makes us tired, not the work we do."

Tanja is an experienced office administrator with remarkable versatility. Throughout her work, she not only gained essential expertise in accounting, but she also learned what's going on behind the scenes at a management consulting firm.
Self-employment has also benefited her career.
Tanja, as an Accounting Specialist at YPOG, provides support and complement to the accounting team with her broad knowledge and grasp of numbers. But Tanja is more than just numbers. According to a previous colleague, working with Tanja is not only efficient, but also highly enjoyable. Her dependability and passion make her an indispensable coworker.
Tanja is the go-to person for all accounting-related issues, queries, and problems, both within and externally. Her expectations of herself and her coworkers are characterized by enjoyment, teamwork, and consistency. Tanja believes that teamwork is essential for overcoming any difficulty.
With such a cheerful attitude, her work at YPOG is not only professional but also valuable.
Tanja Pauli

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