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Change the game with us.

You + Partners of Gamechangers - that's what YPOG stands for. Because we are partners and advisors for people who are redefining the rules of the game. And you shape the economy of tomorrow together with us and our clients.

One focus of your work with us will be the business models of young, fast-growing companies and their financing. We think that these are the most exciting and interesting mandates to advise on.

Together with you, we want to take legal advice to a new level. We try out new things, constantly learn, and find better solutions than those already available. That's why we have developed our own working methods, our own tools, and a very special culture.

Would you like to experience what it's like to work in a law firm that is trusted by the most successful start-ups and the most important investors? Then we should get to know each other.

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We'll take you there.

At YPOG, you will be supported at every stage of your career in a way that truly helps you progress. You'll learn from real experts. Practical experience that is always up-close. Lisa-Jo from our People + Culture team will be happy to answer your questions. She will also take the opportunity to explain to you how the colleagues in your team and digital onboarding offers will make your start with us easy.

Hybrid Working

Our IT infrastructure allows you to work flexibly from home or in one of our YPOG offices. It is important to us to combine flexibility with close personal interaction. That's why we meet regularly in the office while also having developed hybrid communication formats. For example, the weekly "12 mins. us" with information about the respective location, the monthly cross-location "Behind the Scenes" and, of course, the daily exchange with your team.

For us, hybrid working also means that our teams work together across locations and that team members can have their home base in different offices.

Working Time Models

At YPOG we believe that, if you want to provide good advice, you need to be a balanced person and a versatile interlocutor. We are therefore convinced that there must also be a life outside of the office and that leisure time is not just for recharging the batteries for work.

We do not have fixed attendance times. Part-time models that take individual needs into account are also possible with us and are even taken up by partners. You have 30 days' vacation (plus Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve). Sabbaticals are possible by individual arrangement.

Lean Digital Processes

Whether onboarding, document processing, or e-learning, at YPOG, we have organized our workflows quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our fully digital cloud infrastructure and the constant improvement of our processes, we have been able to eliminate many time wasters from our day-to-day work.

Physical & Mental Health

Your health is very important to YPOG. For your mental wellbeing, we work with OpenUp. Through OpenUp, you have unlimited one-on-one access to coaching and mindfulness consultations with psychologists and other mental health resources.

For a workout-life balance, we cooperate with the Urban Sports Club, and as a YPOGee you get your membership significantly cheaper. We also offer yoga classes and back training, work with running coaches, provide fresh fruit and vegetables, and offer you the opportunity to lease a work bike. We have equipped our offices with the latest ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks.

Onboarding with the Buddy Principle

When you start at YPOG, we want to make the first few months as easy as possible for you, for instance, by providing you with a "buddy". This will be a YPOGee from your peer group with approximately one to two years of professional experience at YPOG. It is not only your buddy you can turn to with questions - of course, all other colleagues will also be happy to help you.

Through direct integration into client work and close cooperation with experienced colleagues, your learning curve at YPOG will rise steeply from day one.

A learning management system, wikis, process descriptions, support for client work, and various specialist topics for reference will help you to familiarize yourself.

We also invite you to our two-day onboarding event. There you will learn everything else you need to know for a successful start at YPOG. For example, we'll introduce you to our culture, our values, and your career opportunities. You can take part in soft skills training and make contacts with many other new YPOGees across all locations.


To support you in your professional and personal development, we will provide you with a mentor. The mentor will accompany you on your individual career path, hold regular development/career discussions with you, give you suggestions for personal and professional development and set development goals together with you. You will choose this person yourself after your first few months with us, as they will be your trusted point of contact for questions of any kind.


Regular feedback meetings with the partners show you transparently where you stand in your development and what we expect from you. The basis for this is a career development concept that is based on our values and serves as a benchmark across all career levels.

For us, feedback doesn't just go in one direction. We regularly ask you (just like all other YPOGees) how you are doing with us, whether you are developing optimally, and how we can do better.

Career options

You have a career path at YPOG that can take you from Associate, to Senior Associate and on to Associated Partner, before leading to Partnership.

Partnership is not your goal? At YPOG, you can follow your own individual career path.

Lilly Fiedler

At YPOG, we support your development across all seniority levels. We are convinced that your own consultant personality is shaped not only by your legal excellence, but also by many other factors, such as leadership skills, tech know-how, and your personal brand. For this and much more, we have an extensive offer in our training program "YBrains".

Experts from our own ranks, from friendly law firms, or from clients provide you with their professional insights. In formats such as online or in-house training, you can not only expand your legal know-how, but also exchange ideas and network with your colleagues.

To ensure that your skills in management areas such as leadership, presentation, and negotiation skills are also developed to an excellent level, we have entered into a partnership with Bucerius Executive Education. You will regularly take part in training sessions with top-class lecturers who are experts in the industry.

If you are interested in (legal) tech topics, you can take part in our tech readiness training courses. For example, you will learn the basics of digital design, programming, or the management of digital projects.

With this combination of know-how, insights, and skills, you will have everything you need to go your own way and make a difference - for yourself, for us, and for our clients.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable at YPOG and have everything you need to perform well. That's why we have various benefits for you and your colleagues and regularly add to this offer.

With a notebook, two monitors in the office, a monitor for working from home, a company cell phone, and a tablet if required, our hardware setup leaves nothing to be desired.

Top furnishings, barrier-free access, great surroundings, and of course, nice colleagues - you can feel at home in our offices.

We offer a business English course once a week. This will prepare you even better for tasks in an international context.

There are two fixed dates in our party calendar: you and your colleagues celebrate a summer party at your location and the YPOGees from all locations get together for the Christmas party. 

If Excel, Word, or PowerPoint are annoying you, we have an in-house expert who can help you immediately and give you tips on the programs. You can find further help in the tutorials of our Learning Management System. 

Coffee, tea, water, muesli, fruit, vegetables, and chocolate bars are available in our offices to keep you going. We pay attention to sustainable and fair production for all products.

We regularly take the whole team away from our day-to-day work to work on important strategic issues and to have a good time together.

You have a four-legged friend who should also be your constant companion at work. As part of our pooch policy, we also welcome team members with fur at our offices.

"What makes YPOG special? The 'spirit of optimism' in the firm and the opportunity to play an active role in the development of the firm, the absence of competitive thinking among colleagues and the hands-on mentality in client work."
"At YPOG, the combination of professionally challenging client work and a friendly, collegial atmosphere is truly exceptional. If you are looking for room for both professional and personal development, this is the place to be."
"At YPOG, everyone who does a good job on an external mandate gets just as many credits as the person leading the mandate. That's why we have a great team spirit and a culture of knowledge sharing."

Apply to YPOG

You can upload your application documents using our online form. Transparency is very important to us. We provide you with comprehensive information about what makes us tick and what it's like to work for us. We would therefore be delighted if you could also provide us with some information about yourself; we ask for your CV, your references, and a brief background to your application, for instance when you could start with us. A cover letter is not necessary. 

What happens next with your application?

Once we have received your application, we will get back to you within a week. If we are interested in your profile, we will meet (virtually, if possible) for an initial interview. 

If the first meeting is promising for you and for us, we will invite you to a second meeting in one of our offices.

Before you decide to join YPOG, you will have the opportunity to get to know your future team in person. You will meet the partners with whom you will later work, and your fellow associates can ask you questions over lunch.  

We try to make all meetings flexible in terms of time and location. To give you an authentic impression of your future workplace, we will definitely invite you to your preferred location.   


By the way... YPOG we are on a first-name basis from the very beginning. You are welcome to omit the formal "you" (“Sie” auf Deutsch) in your application.

Ready to change the game?

We are always on the lookout for new talent and experts - so we look forward to getting to know you. 

Nothing suitable at the moment? Then send us an unsolicited application.

Our vacancies are currently only available in German.

Places to be


Kurfürstendamm 12
10719 Berlin

Our Berlin office is located on Kurfürstendamm, in the newly constructed building of the former Gloria Palace.


Willy-Brandt-Straße 59
20457 Hamburg

Our Hamburg office is located downtown – on the banks of the Bleichenfleet canal.


Agrippinawerft 30
50678 Cologne

Our Cologne office is in the famous Rheinauhafen district (a former commercial port near the city center).