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Diversity + Inclusion

We live diversity. 

Interaction in our firm is characterized by mutual respect, trust, fairness, openness and honesty. Our joint success is our priority. We successfully achieve our goals through cooperation, exchange and team spirit. We maintain an open culture of enablement, encouragement, and promotion on an equal footing. Above all, however, we see ourselves as the first choice for top talent - regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion, ideology, or sexual identity.

Our initiatives


Our diversity group offers you a safe space away from the office.  

We take a clear stance against any form of exclusion or discrimination. YPOG stands for diversity, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, skin color or nationality, religion, age, or physical ability.


YPOG offers the following provisions and services:

  • Protection from LGBTIQ+ discrimination in the Code of Conduct
  • Gender-inclusive language in both official and internal communication
  • "Safe Spaces" and "Queers & Allies Regulars' Tables" on a regular basis
  • No internal dress code

  • Certification by the Uhlala Group
  • Ambassador Program and other measures to promote allyship (“allies” are supporters of the LGBTIQ+ community)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Timo Engel-Zühr and Sabine Schüttemeyer, our initiators of Queer@YPOG.

Come as you are.

We love and live this motto at YPOG and have from the start. Genuine meritocracy and diversity are an important part of our corporate values. Since 2021, our young law firm has had an LGBTIQ+ corporate network in which employees from the community and allies work together to develop measures and ideas for personal development. In this interview, our partner Ben talks about both diversity in general, and its relevance at YPOG.



"We at the UHLALA Group would like to thank YPOG for several years of constructive cooperation and at the same time commend them for remarkable progress and developments in the field of LGBTIQ+ diversity and inclusion. The firm has managed to implement numerous measures in a short period of time to improve the situation of queer people in the workplace and to give the community more visibility. YPOG has been a partner of the queer network ALICE for some time, and thus supports a Germany-wide legal network and its activities. The law firm has demonstrated its commitment to LGBTIQ+ issues with very good results in the UHLALA Group's diversity audit process. As a queer-friendly commercial law firm, YPOG was also represented at STICKS & STONES | Europe's largest LGBTIQ+ job and career fair in 2023. We hope for many more years of great cooperation!"


Upcoming Events

Queers & Allies @YPOG

Köln Edition - Wanna Join? Write us: We’re excited to meet you!

Recent Events - Highlights


LGBTIQ+ Job & Career Fair

Pride Office Day

Zelebrierung LGBTIQ+ Diversity bei YPOG

Christopher Street Day

Brunch and visit to Christopher Street Day Celebration in Berlin

"True equality requires solidarity and understanding between all genders. We need to work together as allies to create a successful and open working environment for all people."


The W@Y Forward initiative (short for “Women@YPOG”) deals with topics that primarily affect women at YPOG and the compatibility of career and family in various working groups. The initiative also looks outwards and promotes networking and exchange with women in the law firm and start-up fields.

The aim is to actively create an environment in which women can and want to take on leadership roles. To this end, the W@Y Forward initiative was launched. The initiative deals with topics such as work-life balance, self-confidence, and recruiting women. Regular events, such as the *Innen-Sicht (“Inside View”), create a platform where women can network and support each other. The initiative is also a long-standing sponsor of PANDA Law, a network for the promotion of women in management positions, and supporter of the breaking.through initiative.

The engagement and joint exchange are welcomed with pleasure.

Upcoming Events

The *Innen-Sicht (Köln Edition)

18 Uhr

As part of an exclusive reading with author and actress Katharina Pütter, literature will be shared that has accompanied and shaped our YPOGees on their career path. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you at a get-together afterwards.

Recent Events - Highlights 2023


A day at PANDA Law offers the opportunity to discuss current topics, exchange experiences, and test soft skills and leadership qualities.

W@Y Forward - Workshop

All-day workshop on the topic of "personal branding"

The *Innen-Sicht (Hamburg Edition)

W@Y Forward Recruiting Event with exclusive reading by actress and author Katharina Pütter

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