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Dr. Hariolf Wenzler


Business Professionals

As YPOG's CEO, Hariolf is responsible for the professionalization of the firm. He manages the firm's growth and opens up new, related business fields, inter alia by investing in legal tech.

Education and career

Hariolf is a graduate in economics, in which he also holds a Ph.D. Before joining SMP he was with Baker McKenzie where he oversaw the firm's EMEA business development. Previous positions include ten years as CEO of the Hamburg-based Bucerius Law School; he continues to be a member of the Executive Faculty of the school's Center on the Legal Profession (CLP), where he serves as a co-director. In addition, Hariolf has served as founding president and management-board member of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) and is an initiator of ReInvent.Law, Continental Europe's first legal innovation hub.


  • Graduate in economics (Diplom-Volkswirt) (Freiburg University)
  • M.A. in political science (Freiburg University)
  • Ph.D. in economics (Dr. rer. pol.) (Freiburg University)


  • German
  • English
  • French
Dr. Hariolf Wenzler

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