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Dr. Matthias Schatz

Matthias advises listed and non-listed corporations, shareholders as well as members of management boards and supervisory boards on matters of corporate law, in particular stock corporation law and the law concerning groups of companies (including aspects of capital markets law) as well as reorganization law. A more recent practical focus of his is on advising venture-capital-funded companies in the context of their transition into an AG (German stock corporation) or an SE (European stock corporation), legal forms which enable access to the capital market.

An additional focus of his work is on corporate litigation. Matthias has particular expertise in the field of disputes involving stock corporation law (such as legal actions regarding personal liability of members of management boards and supervisory boards; lawsuits regarding deficiencies in shareholders' resolutions; court proceedings to determine the adequacy of an offer for indemnifying minority shareholders; and disputes in connection with the appointment of special auditors or special representatives) as well as in providing support in connection with contentious general meetings. In addition, Matthias regularly acts as counsel and referee in post-M&A arbitration matters and arbitration proceedings with a corporate law focus.

The JUVE Handbook lists Matthias as a frequently recommended advisor in the area of corporate law, while the Handelsblatt (in co-operation with Best Lawyers Verlag) ranks him among the best lawyers in Germany for conflict resolution. Matthias is recognised by clients as an 
"expert in directors' and officers' liability", "outstanding corporate lawyer, particularly well versed in stock corporation and SE law; for many of our portfolio companies the go-to guy for SE conversions and restructurings", competitors praise him as "professionally excellent, assertive in court" and "experienced and good" (Juve Handbook 2023/2024). 

Education and Career

Matthias studied law in Bonn, Cologne, Valladolid (Spain) and at Harvard Law School. Matthias started his career at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton. Before co-founding YPOG (in 2021) and SMP (in 2017), Matthias was a Partner at the corporate-law boutique firm Meilicke Hoffmann & Partner and an Associated Partner at Flick Gocke Schaumburg. Matthias regularly gives presentations and publishes on matters of corporate law. He has co-authored a commentary on stock corporation law and capital markets law.


Matthias’ recent work highlights include:

  • advising Porsche Automobil Holding SE on the transformation of Isar Aersopace GmbH into an SE
  • advising Taxfix on the change of legal form into an AG and subsequently into an SE
  • advising several investors in context of the establishment of advastore SE
  • advising flaschenpost on their change of legal form into an AG, on the formation of an SE, on reshaping their governance and group structure as well as on their exit to Oetker
  • advising Flink on the establishment of an SE holding structure as well as on shaping their group structure for their German and European business operations
  • advising Trade Republic on a wide range of corporate-law matters
  • advising Ströer in post-M&A proceedings before state courts and in arbitration proceedings
  • representing the majority shareholder of a listed SE in a contentious general meeting
  • advising various current and former members of management boards and supervisory boards as well as managing directors on matters of personal liability in their respective capacity in listed and non-listed companies
  • representing shareholders in miscellaneous shareholder disputes before state courts and in arbitration proceedings


  • German qualified attorney (Rechtsanwalt)
  • Attorney-at-Law (New York)
  • Business mediator (Wirtschaftsmediator)
  • Ph.D. in law (Dr. iur.) (Cologne University)
  • LL.M. (Harvard)


  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
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Dr. Matthias Schatz

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